Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dangers of Prozac

"Dangers of fluoxetine" which appeared in the January 18, 1997 issue of Lancet is a letter written by Dr. Robert Bourguignon, of Belgium. He reports in his letter that he and a colleague sent questionnaires to 500 Belgium physicians asking for reports of serious side effects from Prozac.

Dr. Bourguignon said in his letter that eleven doctors reported what he classified as serious events. These side effects which were reported included "a feeling of going to die" and panic attacks; "great nervousness" during first 2 weeks of treatment; aggressive behavior coupled with alcohol abuse in one patient; suicidal ideas leading to "paranoid psychosis;" and in two patients nervous breakdowns leading to "barely controllable suicide attempts." The doctor also reported convulsions in two cases.

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Like marjuania, prozac is like swallowing Islam.

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