Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Danger of Pulling Out of IRAQ

What the West doesn’t understand

By X-Terrorist and lover of Zion, Walid Shoebat, Author of God’s War on Terror

The day that the US troops leave Iraq it will be controlled by Iran the major pricking brier for Israel. No one today denies that Iran with its prospects of gaining nuclear status has transformed itself into a super power in the midst of majority Sunni Muslim region. But Iran is hardly isolated, with Iraq (65% Shiite), Syria’s ruling Shiite Alawite regime, and Lebanon’s Shiite Hezbollah, alongside Iran’s puppet Hamas will create a horn stemming from Iran forming a dagger into Israel’s heartland. America’s futile support of Saudi Arabia and Turkey in order to balance this threat and exit Iraq in false hope to neutralize Iran’s takeover of Iraq ignores a major factor—that in the Middle East loyalty to Islam first and second to sect prevails over democracy and truth. Iraq and Iran has Circassians, Turkmens, Turks and Azeris, which are Turkey’s natural allies. Instead, Turkey will gain a foothold as another regional superpower and instead of fulfilling America’s hope will unite with Iran. Westerners that bank on Sunni-Shiite divide ignores that Sunni Muslims in their desire to destroy Israel will unite. During the Hezbollah-Israeli fiasco, everyone witnessed Hamas advocates carrying both Hezbollah’s Shiite yellow flag alongside the green Sunni Hamas flag and Hezbollah did the same. This is crucial since Turkey eventually will ally itself with Iran and central Asia for a last dash against Israel. Anyone who doubts can search the Bible for Elam(Iran) Lydia(Turkey) Tyre(Lebanon) Arabia(Saudi Arabia) and find that the whole of the Muslim nations are written in the End-Times scenario.

In the end, this Sunni-Shiite divide will be the cause of the collapse of Islam. Saudi Arabia today officially condemns Hezbollah, yet this condemnation has nothing to do with a sudden love for Israel and the West, but a hatred and mistrust of their Shiite competition, which sees the rise of Shiite Iran and the fear of Iran’s takeover into Iraq will only get Iran closer to Saudi Arabia’s Adam’s apple. Yet this plan to neutralize Iran by aiding Sunni nations is dangerous. The main problem with American policy in the Middle East can be summed up through the latest experience that proves beyond any shadow of doubt that every time the West depended on a Muslim country to neutralize another, the neutralizing country ended up becoming a ravishing beast. Afghanistan was an excellent example—ridding the world of Communist Russia by aiding Afghanistan ended up creating the Taliban, which still funnels the Islamist cancer into neighboring and already nuclear powered Pakistan. Aiding Iraq to neutralize Iran ended up empowering Saddam Hussein to attack its neighbors Kuwait and Saudi Arabia and threatened the oil supply that ended in the first Gulf War. Bringing Arafat into Palestine simply created Gaza’s Hamasistan. Had the West learned from its past experiences that such systems only understand strength and power naive Democratic Party politicians would never be so quick to demand a pullout from Iraq. The West with its policy to aid the lesser of two evils ultimately ended up aiding and abetting the very enemies of Israel and the West. Mediocre western discernment is no match to fourteen centuries of professional Islamic deception. The U.S Armed Saudi Arabia with sophisticated military equipment in hope to protect the supply of oil was a dangerous move, and instead of recognizing the futility of not tapping its own resources to quench its addiction, continues to import the slimy crude from the slime of humanity, ignoring that the only things Arabia exports globally besides oil is Islam. Arabia’s Islam is flourishing in Turkey’s outskirts in full public view and fills Pakistan with madrassas that have now all but buried the remnants of Pakistani and Turkish secularism. I am on record on countless radio interviews stating that Pakistan will oust Pervez Musharraf and will eventually elect an Islamist government. The CIA’s 1997 State Failure Task Force Report identified Turkey as “a nation in danger of collapse. The West needs to come to grips with the realization that Turkey like Iraq is not and can never be a democracy, and any efforts to establish a democracy in these regions will prove fatal since democracy, like the attempts in Iraq, will only be used for electing an Islamic Sharia-driven system.” It will be near impossible for the United States to deal with Iran and Pakistan’s Islamic rise with nuclear weapons, Iraq War, and Turkey’s decline into Islamism simultaneously. The exercise in democratic elections recently has been a disaster—Hamas was elected in Palestine, Shiite regime in Iraq and in Turkey the AKP Islamist party. Then we have the Mahdi obsession, today in Iraq we have at least seven different Mahdist movements, each one believing that the return of the Mahdi is imminent. Timothy Furnish, American scholar of Mahdist movements, recently commented: “No military or political solution is going to work in Iraq until this enormously powerful eschatological element in the region both Sunni and Shiite is addressed.” According to Muhammad the prophet of Islam, “There will be four peace agreements between you and the Romans [Christians]…and will be upheld for seven years.” Western Prophecy analysts pay little attention on how the Muslim world is setup to receive what the Bible documented thousands of years ago—the rise of Antichrist.

Leaving Iraq will also revert it into its previous state and break it into three sectors – Shiite, Sunni and the oil-rich Northern Mosul Province and when all this comes to pass, we shall see the rise of Islamic fundamentalism not from simply being small terrorist organizations, but mutating into fully fledged states similar to the cancer in Iran. Hezbollah in Lebanon is not just a terror organization but is part of the Lebanese government and infrastructure.

History repeats itself, even biblical prophecies have a long term fulfillment—while Iraq, the old lion of Babylon arose and was humbled with its wings plucked by the West. A pullout of Iraq will definitely reignite civil unrest between Shiites and Sunnis accompanied with a desire for Kurds to seek independence in the northern region of Mosul and Kirkuk, which will eventually divide Iraq into its three original federal units - Kurdistan, a Sunni Arab center, and a Shiite south. This three state solution will not work and will further weaken Iraq to allow Iran, the revived bear of Daniel 7:5 which rises on one side (Persia without Media/Kurdistan) to take over control and gulp up Iraq’s three regions in its mouth. Recently Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim Al-Jaafari and eight high-powered cabinet ministers paid an extremely friendly visit to Tehran. This triumph for political Shiism was a blow to the Bush administration. Ayatollah Khomeini, the newly installed theocrat of Iran, pressured the expatriates to form an umbrella organization, the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI) one of Iraq's most powerful political parties in hope to eventually take over Iraq. Iran is more clever then what most westerners think. They have created diversions to make everyone focus elsewhere. The Israel-Hezbollah fiasco which bolstered Hezbollah’s strength in the Muslim world by diverting attention away from Iran’s nuclear buildup to focus on Hezbollah launching rockets on northern Israel. Syria did the same by aiding both Hamas and Hezbollah to spark some trouble in order to divert the investigation over the assassination of Lebanon’s prime minister Rafiq Hariri. Hamas also was interested to stop the civil war between Fatah and Hamas. The results of all of this, is devastating to the isolated Christians in the Middle East. An Islamist takeover will ultimately result in the extermination or forced conversion of Christians—The Assyrians in Iraq and the Lebanese Christian community. Turkey will persecute Christians as it did in the past when it executed millions of Armenians and Cypriots and by that Islam will again “overcome the saints.” (Revelation 13:7, Daniel 7:25) Just as we have seen in Iraq, in Pakistan after the eviction of Musharraf, if free democratic elections are sought, more Sharia will be embedded in the system. We have seen this when the Bush Administration insisted that Israel allows the Jerusalem Arabs to vote during the Palestinian elections despite Israel’s warning that Hamas as a result will win. It did. The West and the E.U through invoking democracy invited the fox into the henhouse, unaware that what all foxes are interested in the end is to kill the hens. Turkey, the country that is also interested in controlling Iraq’s Kurdish Mosul Province, has the largest standing army in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and has been viewed by the US and its allies as a bastion against nationalism in Russia and fundamentalism in Iran and other neighboring countries. John Hooper, writing for the Guardiam states: "the scope for conflict, were Turkey, like Iran, to 'go Islamic' would be immense." The simplistic American approach with the war in Iraq and the insistence to pull out of its military will be devastating. The University of Maryland conducted a face-to-face survey of 4,384 Muslims between December 9, 2006 and February 15 2007 (1000 Moroccans, 1000 Egyptians, 1243 Pakistanis, and 1141 Indonesians). Andrew Bostom, author of The Legacy of Jihad and an expert on Islamic Jihad commented on the results: “65.2% of those interviewed—almost two-thirds, hardly a ‘fringe minority’—desired this outcome: ‘To unify all Islamic countries into a single Islamic state or Caliphate’, including 49% of ‘moderate’ Indonesian Muslims. 65.5% of this Muslim sample approved the proposition ‘To require a strict application of Shari’a law in every Islamic country.’

For further detailed study of Islam, Prophecy and the Bible, please read Walid’s new book God’s War on Terror.

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