Tuesday, June 10, 2008

School apologizes to Muslim student over graduation held in church

TRENTON, N.J. - A Muslim student who sued because his public high school graduation ceremony was held in a Baptist church has received an apology from the largest school district in New Jersey and assurances that it will not hold future events in houses of worship.

Bilal Shareef said he had to skip his 2006 graduation from West Side High School because his religious beliefs prohibit him from entering buildings containing icons of God.


Always On Watch said...

So, Bilal Shareef felt he couldn't attend his own graduation because it was held in a church?

What about those Christian students -- the majority of the student body, I would guess -- who find graduation more meaningful becuase it WAS being held in a church?

Txgeek said...

It doesn't amtter about the majority because America is all about satisfying those who don't speak the language, don't share a majority of the beliefs (Christianity) and about those who screech and complain about unfair treatment when someone sings the Nathional Anthem. America is not America anymore.