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The Danger of Abortion to the Mother

The Danger of Abortion to the Mother

Source: Christian Life Resources Pregnancy Counseling Center Manual, 1996 Edition

Four major studies have clearly demonstrated that one abortion can significantly impair a woman's future child-bearing ability. These studies show a two-fold to 3.3-fold increase in miscarriages or premature births in such women, and a 2 to 2 1/2 times greater likelihood of low birth-weight babies. This information should be available as part of the informed consent agreement furnished all women desiring an abortion, especially since the number of women receiving multiple abortions is steadily increasing. However, the Supreme Court on June 15, 1983, overturned the Akron, Ohio decision which mandated doctors informing their patients. The Court went out of its way to further deregulate the abortion industry giving more rights to abortionists.

Six other studies of legal abortions performed by modern methods similar to those in the U.S. report definite increased relative risks for prematurity and low birth-weight when the woman becomes pregnant again. Studies which compared women without abortions to those with a past history of abortion showed relative risks in the abortion group of 1.3 to 1.67 for a low-birth-weight baby and 1.61 to 5.3 for a premature delivery. In studies comparing women with previous legal abortions to those with previous miscarriages, the relative risk of a premature birth was 1.9 to 2.5 times greater in the abortion group. The neo-natal intensive care units across the country are filled with babies whose mothers have had previous abortions.

A number of serious medical complications can arise from the abortion procedure. An Oxford University study, based on 1,182 abortions, showed complications in the following percentages:

16.7% - Blood transfusions required to counter hemorrhage
4.2% - Torn cervix
1.2% - Perforated uterus
1.0% - Thrombosis with blood clots in the lungs
27.0% - Fever and peritonitis (infection)

Other possible effects include infection and, later in life, increased chances of tubal pregnancy and sterility. Tragically, in a number of cases, the complications have been of such severity that they resulted in the death of the woman.

Abortion not only kills the unborn child, but it can be dangerous to the mother. Women are being kept ignorant of these facts.

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