Wednesday, December 3, 2008

From Public School to Pubic School In One Generation

From Michael Savage

We have a generation of people in this country whose minds have been destroyed by the disease of liberalism. We have a generation of morons whose mommies told them not to hit back when they were attacked. We have a generation of imbeciles who think that it’s more important to talk about how much Britney Spears’ latest album appeals to gays than it is to talk about the identities of the people who want to kill us. The attitude of “if it feels good, do it” is destroying us. The public school self-esteem regime is killing us. We’ve gone from public schools to pubic schools in one generation.

A prime example of this generation of imbeciles is Alex Witless, an anchor for MSLGBT or the Microsoft Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgendered network. On the cable channel MSLGBT, Alex Witless expressed shock and surprise that the terrorists would attack again even after the mindless fools of America voted for Barack Hussein Obama. She said that there had been such a global outpouring of affection, respect, and hope that these kinds of attacks would be “dampered down.” You see, she assumed that if the sheeple of the United States voted for someone who wasn’t an evil white male – like the lesbian history teacher talked about in high school – that the rest of the world would be so grateful that Muslim terrorism would just vanish. If only the American people would overcome their inherent racism, the Islamofascists would see how good we are and put down their guns, unstrap their bombs, and go back to their madrassas. But the childish fantasy of Alex Witless and other members of her generation failed to come true, and there are at least 300 dead bodies in Bombay to prove it.

Another example of this generation of fools is the Mayor of San Fransicko, Any Twosome Newsom. Not only is this charlatan trying to force homosexual marriage down the throats of the people of California – even though they overwhelmingly rejected it – he’s also turning San Francisco into an eco-Fascist state. In his recent seven-hour long State of the City Address, he advocated the destruction of San Francisco’s last remaining major power plant and said, “We need to get out of the power plant business.” “This is real life,” he whines as he shows the San Francisco airport under water as a result of global warming. He doesn’t realize this is fantasy, not reality.

This is the result of a generation that has been feminized and removed from reality. It’s also the result of an evil man who warped millions of children who might otherwise have grown up to be real men and women. Dr Benjamin Spock taught mothers how to be more flexible with their children, to understand children’s needs and foster their self-esteem. Dr. Spock may be gone, but the scar he left on America is still there. We have a generation of men who won’t fight. We have a generation of women who want nothing but orgasms and pointy shoes. We have a generation of leaders who are cynical and criminal. We’ve gone from Dr. Spock to Dr. Strangelove in one generation.

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Anonymous said...

The average IQ has increased every year since they started measuring it. Younger generations are just seeing religion for what it is -- bullshit.