Friday, May 8, 2009

CNN Interview Michael Savage confronts his political ban from the UK

From goppatriots


Always On Watch said...

Jaqui Smith's banning of Michael Savage has already backfired -- or so one of my UK friends told me today.

After her banning of Geert Wilders, some in the UK woke up and said, "What's going on here? Why can't a member of the EU Parliament address the House of Lords?"

A similar waking up is occurring because of the ban of Michael Savage.

I expect the lamestream media to paint Savage is the most unsavory of terms. But in this Information Age, more and more people no longer take the lamestream media's word for a lot of stories.

mississippimud2007 said...

Jaqui Smith just pi##ed off 10 million Americans and opened up pandoras box. She has no idea what she has done, but she will find out that the Savage Nation listeners don't bend over and grab our ankles and take it without a fight. Rush and Hannity will find out that as well that their silence is not welcome.


The Savage Nation is here, deal with it J. Smith. I predict the cow resigns or gets fired, and yes I called her a cow. Ted, can you tell I'm a bit fired up ? :)