Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Who’s afraid of Michael Savage?

By Dr. Grace Vuoto

Freedom of speech is under assault. Neither from America nor from Britain is the torch of liberty steadfastly raised high above the heads of the real enemies of freedom: the Islamist jihadists who are in a death-struggle with Western civilization. Instead, from both nations, the whimpering policy of mollification emerges. Leaders in America and the United Kingdom are bent on a path of moral equivocation and are offering a sacrificial lamb to quiet the angry Muslim gods: conservative radio talk-show host Michael Savage must be slain on the altar of appeasement in order to quell the violent Islamist storms on the horizon.
Since May 2009, the feisty, combative and often irreverent conservative commentator has been placed on a list that bans him from traveling to the United Kingdom. What was his crime? He spoke—on the air, in America, to the 8 million listeners who are the devoted fans of his daily show, The Savage Nation. According to then–British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith some of Mr. Savage’s statements are so heinous that he deserves the same treatment that the British government bestows on terrorists, members of the Ku Klux Klan and Neo-Nazis: no entry onto British soil. Mr. Savage’s comments are a threat to public security; his words might lead others to commit violent acts, foster hatred and could spark “intercommunity violence,” according to a press release by the British government. Even the newly-elected coalition government led by Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron is upholding the ban.


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Anonymous said...

I'm not a bit upset about the savage/wiener's ban from Great Britain -- because he is a no-class pig both physically and mentally.

He shames America with his extravagant lies and wild exaggerations. Example: He DOES NOT have a Ph.D in epidemiology as he frequently claims -- when it serves to feed his pathetically hungry ego. His degree was in Etho-Botany -- the study of flowers/PLANTS that later may be of medicinal benefit.

He doesn't know squat about epidemiology; the study of the dispersion (geographic spread) of diseases.

I think the Brits show good taste in banning this fool; I wouldn't let him in my home, either.