Thursday, September 30, 2010

Amanda Read--The Tedland Daily's new contributor

Hello All,

I am happy to announce The Tedland Daily new Contributor, Amanda Read.

We have been working together on one of her sites The Luke Historians (found Here).

Amanda Read is a political and current events columnist for The Washington Times Communities and contributor to Unliberal. She is also a columnist for The Cross-Eyed Blog and Webzine, and has served as a contributing writer to The Girlhood Home Companion Magazine. You can find some of her writings at Awaken Generation and Sincerely Amanda, her blog at

Amanda is the eldest of nine children and was homeschooled all her life until she began attending a state university shortly before reaching the age of 19. Because her father was a Russian linguist and foreign area officer in the U.S. Army, she took part in some of the multicultural experiences shared by most military children. The first ten years of her life were spent in Texas, California, New York, Germany, and Uzbekistan. The years since then have been spent in Alabama, where her father retired as a Lieutenant Colonel.

At the age of 13, she started a homeschool e-newsletter. Her first news article was about the debacle at the Alabama Supreme Court over the Ten Commandments monument, which ended up ousting the popularly elected Chief Justice Roy S. Moore. Miss Read was also intrigued by the events of the War on Terror, and she has been writing about politics ever since.

In 2004, her mother discovered the fascinating history of Dr. Harvey W. Wiley and the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906. After years of researching and writing, Amanda completed a full length historical drama screenplay titled The Crusading Chemist in March 2008 and completed a revision of it last year. She is currently writing the book Confessions of An Unconventional Scholar: A Student’s Treatise on Education and co-authoring a book with Lindy Abbott, both of which should be released next year.

Miss Read lives with her family and is majoring in History and minoring in Political Science in college.

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