Saturday, March 7, 2009

Daily Mail removes reference to Muslim husband telling his wife to read the Qur'an as he strangled her

From Jihad Watch

March 6-2009

Over at Atlas Shrugs, Pamela has a story on yet another honor killing, this time in Britain. Pamela links to Tundra Tabloids and to an article in the Daily Mail entitled "Abused wife stabbed to death by husband she'd warned police would kill her." It's about how the honor killing victim, Sabina Akhtar, told police that her husband, Malik Mannan had beaten her repeatedly and warned that he would kill her, and they did nothing.
In the story from the Daily Mail is this:

"Using both hands to squeeze her windpipe

he told her to read her Koran adding: 'Read whatever other stuff you need to read now. This is your final hour.' The arrival of his brother stopped the attack but Mannan left shouting: 'I'm going to get a knife and when I return I'm going to slaughter you."

But now at the Daily Mail link, the story has been retitled as "Family's fury at legal blunders that left husband free to stab wife to death - despite her warnings he would kill her" and there is no reference to the Islamic holy book.The paragraph above has been revised to read this way:
In the early hours of the following morning he attacked her again, telling her 'This is your final hour', but left after she made a desperate call for help to his brother, threatening to return with a knife and 'slaughter' her.

Here is a Google search indicating that the original paragraph did indeed appear in the Daily Mail story before it was revised. And just in case that disappears, here is a screen capture:

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