Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rifqa Bary allowed to remain in Florida

August 22, 8:03 AMHuntsville Celebrity Headlines ExaminerLeslie Carrick

Well it looks like legal analysts were wrong about this case. Many legal experts claimed that there was nothing a Florida judge could do to interevene. However, at her hearing yesterday, Bary was allowed to stay with her foster parents in Florida until her September 3rd hearing. Judge Dawson said that he believes his court has jurisdiction since no Ohio court has taken up jurisdiction. The Department of Children Services has requested an investigation because they do think that Bary's life would be in danger. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is opening an investigation. Bary's legal team said to the judge that her family wants her back "in the worst way" because it would be a great honor in taking her life.


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Always On Watch said...

Apparently, Rifqa is now going to be homeschooled.

I wonder if they'll be using the A Beka curriculum, which refers to MTP as "a deluded dreamer."