Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Muslim converts to Islam - what type of person joins?

Muslim converts or reverts to Islam in the west and other countries are sometimes USED by terrorist groups because they are westerners. You have to ask yourself what type of person would join a religion to blow themselves up, kill other people and used in terrorist attacks? They are either brainwashed buffoons or stupid idiot losers. You would join a religion to kill others? How stupid are you? I thought your Islam was the "religion of peace" and tolerance. This video just proves to you who are thinking of converting or reverting to Islam, that many times you are being used because they need westerners for terrorist acts.


Always On Watch said...

Have you seen this site? The fellow there, Robert Salaam, challenged your father on a couple of BlogTalk Radio shows.

I have to say that I'm not the gullible type--this business about context and interpretation. After all, the Koran is "the final word" of "Allah," and very hard to subject to different interpretations. Christianity, on the other hand, has several denominations not regarded by other denominations as heresies.

Personal note: Have you been receiving my recent emails?

Always On Watch said...

And...In Australia.