Saturday, March 1, 2008

Poem: (Son of Jacob)

By Walid Shoebat

by Walid Shoebat

Through Isaiah
the prophets have foretold
from long ago
God was there
from days and times of old

He was there
in The Ark
Passover He's The Lamb
and to Abram
your great grandfather
to save you gave The Ram

for redemption
of your sins
your father had to kill
a lamb that's spotless
a lamb that's sinless
it's blood he had to spill

don't you wonder
son of Jacob
why a lamb must die?
why so much blood
must be sprinkled
don't you wonder why?

Then to Moses
for your people
He spoke on Mount Sainai
Through a fire
thundered loudly
you ever wonder why?

Your God has spoken
son of Jacob
not just yesterday
look and wonder
what He's doing
today and everyday

why one sin
made by Moses
The Rock he struck it twice
Who was that rock
son of Jacob?
that Rock was none but Christ

so let me tell you
son of Jacob
who died on Calvary
The Lamb of God
and your Messiah
the God who died for thee

He was silent like a lamb
then bruised and whipped and slain
the Lord your God
and your Messiah
has not been slain in Vain

He was taken
to the judges
in silence led to death
hung while naked
and forsaken
bled, ran out of breath

while He died
they'd call Him looser
they'd laugh and scorn and mock
remember always
after sorrow
prepare yourself for shock

the skies would thunder
the earth was shaken
the sun was turned to gloom
A shock to Satan
the god of evil
his fate was surly doomed

the veil He tore down
then they entered
redemption has begun
through Messiah
God almighty
the sacrifice is done
(Psalm 22:16)

From Him rushes
living waters
the lamb you ate His meat
The lamb was slaughtered
the blood was sprinkled
bruised His hands and feet

Have you wondered
who your God is?
or does he have a Son?
The Lord Messiah
The Lord your God is one

You will see that
one day my son
These words are not in vain
He has come
and when you cry
one day He'll come again
(Zec 14:4)

Landing down the Mount of Olives
to save you from defeat
please remember in your good book
The Lord lands on His feet
for God was clothed
in flesh like people
ate and walked the street
(Zec 14:2, 12:10, 13:6)

He came for them
yet through the ages
His plea they did refuse
but when they call Him
they'll be butchered
for simply being Jews
They weep and morn
and when they see Him
they stare strait at His bruise

Then they ask why
He was wounded
as the crying ends
"These wounds I got in
the house of Jacob
my kindred and my friends"

You were scattered
through the nations
a sword was after you
searched and plundered
raped and hungered
for simply being Jew

He then remembered
what He promised
your father Abraham
then He brought you
from the nations
to the promised land
(Joel 3:2, God hates dividing Israel into a Palestinian state and a Jewish state)

Then He judges
all the Gentiles
that hated all the Jews
for they parted Yesrael
who slaves you
will surely loose

You were made for
God's own glory
to show the world His will
He's fulfilled it daily my son
just look at Yesrael
Joshua led them
through the Jordan
to make a nation strong
A nation was born
Now born again
as promised from so long
(Israel reborn)

He prepares thee
when you grow son
and take Yerushalayim
The Lord your God
kept His promise
He gave to Abraheim
(Ezekiel 37:21)

He has gathered
from the nations
and took you by the hand
He will take you son of Jacob
into your own land

Through the fire
He has lifted
Shadrach and his men
Daniel also trusted God
lived the Lions Den

Don't you see why
you were crying
hungry left to die
destitute and forsaken
don't you wonder why?

Don't you wonder
how you die
son of Abraham
Thrown in ditches
killed in masses
silent like a lamb

Just like you
o son of Jacob
silent like a lamb
as for trespass
He was faultless
The God of 'The I AM'

Yahweh parted
mighty waters
when Moses trusted Him
foolish men who worshiped Pharaoh
there fate was sad and grim
like these men o son of Jacob
one day you too will win

why you wonder?
why you worry?
for wolves have come and gon
your God will help thee
son of Jacob
your God has always won

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