Sunday, January 25, 2009

Anti-Semitism Driven By Islam

As Moslems become greater in number in Western nations, they become bolder as well. Via this posting by Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch: (emphases mine)
Threats to Jews in New York, threats to Jews in London, threats to Jews all over. And yet the UN is focused on "Islamophobia," and Islamic advocacy groups in the U.S. have to manufacture hate crimes to shore up their victim status. When will this madness end? Is the West even still able to produce a political leader who will stand up to this? The free world needs to take a stand and make it clear to Muslims in the West that this is not tolerable. But I am not holding my breath.

"London - More Anti-Semitic Attacks in Golders Green," from Vos Iz Neias?, January 22 (thanks to all who sent this in):

London - The Jewish community in Golders Green has been the target of further anti-Semitic attacks, in the form of more offensive graffiti.
Graffiti reading "Kill the filthy Jews" was daubed on walls and pavements near Golders Green tube station and vandals wrote "Jihad 4 Israel" on top of Holocaust Memorial Day adverts....
Verbally uttered threats are happening too:
Joseph Haziza, 27, manager of Menachem Kosher butchers which is next to Sinclair Grove on Golders Green road, said: "In this area of Golders Green the graffiti hasn't been as bad. Further up the Golders Green Road they have been affected, with Muslims coming into Jewish shops and saying: 'I'm going to kill you'.
Clearly these Moslems are advocating a second Holocaust. How long will the West stand by and allow such terrorism?

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