Sunday, January 25, 2009

The House of Lords Refuses To Watch Fitna

Via this posting at Dhimmi Watch:
LONDON, Jan 23 (APP)‑The British Parliament has cancelled the showing of a controversial film “Fitna” by the right‑win Dutch MP Geert Wilders following vociferous protest by the Muslim community.

The screening was to take place on January 29 at the House of Lords.

The decision to cancel the showing was taken on Friday when Lord Nazir Ahmed had a meeting with the Government Chief Whip of the House of Lords and Leader of the House of Lords, together with representatives from the Muslim Council of Britain, British Muslim Forum and other representatives from the British Muslim community....
More at the above link.

The UK is wimping out. And the objecting Moslems are declaring victory in the name of Allah.

The coming train wreck for the West and our way of life is racing now at breakneck speed.

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