Friday, January 23, 2009

Islam Is Like Smoking Marijuana

By Theodore Shoebat

The reason why I wrote the title (Islam Is Like Smoking Marijuana) is because of the suicidal tendencies both marijuana and Islam can bring to somebody and to a society (ex: the west bank, Gaza strip, you already know).

Here are some of the statistics the article ("Media Campaign Fact Sheets Marijuana and Mental Health.")brought to knowledge:

Teens age 12 to 17 who smoke marijuana weekly are three times more likely than non-users to have thoughts about committing suicide.

Some research shows that marijuana use can precede symptoms of depression. Girls (ages 14–15) who used marijuana daily were five times more likely to face depression at age 21. Weekly use among all teens studied doubled the risk for depression.

A study of adults found that marijuana use quadrupled the risk of later major depression.

A study of 1,265 children over a 21-year period found that marijuana use, particularly heavy or regular use, was associated with later increases in depression, suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts.

Past-year marijuana use has been linked to social withdrawal, anxiety, depression, attention problems and thoughts of suicide in adolescents.

Research with twins found that the twin who was dependent on marijuana was almost three times more likely to think about suicide and attempt suicide than his/her non-marijuana dependent co-twin.

Among men suffering from schizophrenia, those who had used marijuana were much more likely to experience their first psychotic episode at an early age.

A recent study found that that the earlier the use of marijuana (age 15 vs. age 18), the greater the risk of schizophrenia.

A study published in 2005 found that regular use of marijuana may double the risk of developing psychotic disorders and that marijuana causes chemical changes to the brain. The study maintains that smoking marijuana causes symptoms even when other factors are taken into consideration.

Also, In an article written by World Net Daily called "Palestinian children 'dream of martyrdom'":

A Palestinian psychologist claims that more than half of Palestinian children aged 6 to 11 dream of becoming suicide bombers,

The documentary says Dr. Shafiq Massalha conducted a study that has led him to conclude that "in about 10 years, a very murderous generation will come of age, full of hatred and ready to die in suicide missions," the Israeli National News Service reported.

In the film titled "Seeds of Hate," the narrator says: "In a society in which the legitimization of child murderers becomes a part of its ideology, then normative human morality no longer exists. Which moral rules shall these children pass onto their children when they in turn become parents?"

The scene moves to Arab men yelling and holding up pieces of human organs with a child's loud voice in the background saying, "I will eat the flesh of my conqueror."

The Independent said Massalha, with the assistance of teachers and social workers, distributed notebooks in the spring of 2001 to a random sample of 150 boys and girls aged 10 and 11. The psychologist asked the children to record their dreams every morning for 10 days and to illustrate them.

He found 78 percent of the dreams were political and tended to be physically violent.

"Suicide is a sickness, and [the terrorist leaders] are using it for perverse political ends," he said. "The increasing suicide actions, which receive support and admiration amongst Muslim youth in general and Palestinian youth in particular, have become one of our most dangerous social and psychological phenomena. …"

Do you see the similarities? Do you want your society to become violent and suicidal like it is in the Muslim world? If not then quit this tolerance toward marijuana - which is in my opinion - the worst drug on the list!


Anonymous said...

I've accidentally come across your blog post but I find it very offensive. First of all, while it is true that marijuana use (and for that matter, use of many drugs, both legal and illegal) may bring out latent psychological problems (that would end up showing up regardless), marijuana does not cause depression. Rather, it is often used as a means of escaping depression, which is why depression is more common among marijuana users. Drug abuse is common among most depressed teens, often for self medication purposes (which can lead to self destructive life styles with drugs that are actually addictive, like alcohol or heroine).

As for Islam, you seem to be confusing yourself. You treat this world religion as something that is interchangeable with 'terrorism', which is untrue. Every religion has its extremists and fundamentalists, and you would be wise to remember that just like there are many great Christians, there are many great Muslims (the two religions share many of the same fundamental beliefs, and Jesus Christ is a revered prophet within Islam) and vice versa. For every member of Al Qaeda, there is a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

As someone who rarely uses marijuana and who is not a Muslim, I find western society's views on both topics to be riddled with misconceptions, stereotypes, and just straight up incorrect information. I hope that my response helps bring you a new perspective, and I hope that I did not come across as condescending in my views.

Anonymous said...

I find your facts very wrong. Marijuana is not harmful to your body. It is just lies made up by the government to convince you to not take it. And you also think that Islam is all about bombing and violence. In actual fact, there are extremists who exist in this world, and many ordinary Muslims do not support their ideas and agendas.

Anonymous said...

this is the most ridiculous post i've ever read. you sir should be ashamed of yourself for being so subjective. i only see one eye on this story and that eye is twisted and ignorant. its lies like this that are being spread around, stopping marijuana from becoming used world wide as a medicine. you are a disgrace to the media and journalism. I hope you see the meaning one day and by then it will probably be too late.

Anonymous said...

Dum people like you write these kind of blogs. how can u compare a religion with a drug.

and for your info, marijuana is used as a relaxant as it reduces depression.

ISLAM is the way of living as CREATOR wants from us, its not about killings, you should study more my brother.

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.